Hey #Syxchicks!


My name is Jada aka Slay Jay. I am a freelance makeup artist based in Brooklyn NY. I started to makeup 6 years ago in my bedroom during a time where only Mac & Sephora were popular to get your makeup done at. Not too many people trusted an unknown artist doing services out of their home.


I stayed strong and persistent and received amazing success. Throughout the years I realized a lot of the products I was using for my of color never really suited them well.


So at that point I knew for sure that was my main goal. To create a line of makeup where women of color are celebrated and catered to.


6 years later I gave birth to SYX Beauty!

Why “SYX”? The #6 is my lucky number. It’s also the most harmonious number out of all the single digit numbers based in numerology. 


              So I hope you guys feel my heart and see my soul as                  you’re introduced to SYX Beauty! The beauty industry is about to witness greatness with these cosmetics.